This group class is just for mothers and babies, which focuses on getting your body back and fitness levels up after the birth of your baby - babies are welcome in this class.

The atmosphere is relaxed with people in the same situation, who are all trying to do the same thing. The class consists of an all over body workout but also focusing on key areas including core strength, gentle cardio and light strength training.


You can come along to the classes as soon as 6 weeks after the birth of your baby and sometimes your baby will be involved too! Come along; include your baby, meet new mums and let those ‘feel good’ hormones loose! Babies can also be sat in car seats or laid on playmats with their favourite toys!


Class size are a maximum of four, so you know that every move you undertake is being watched by me to make sure that technically your working your body correctly. By doing this I know that you will be getting the best out of these workouts and getting your body back to how you feel comfortable.  


By starting off doing some light cardio the session will then progress into resistance work - this will be either using light weights, your body weight or even your baby. Being qualified in advanced core I will then finish the session concentrating on core exercises to build up the muscles that have been affected throughout your pregnancy - you will spring back to shape in no time.