Going to the gym can be stressful if you feel you’ve hit the wall and haven’t reached your potential.


What has possibly happened is that your body is used to what you are doing so why not let me take over the strain and write you a personalised gym programme that will suit you! The programmes are changed every session and then completely mixed up and changed 4 weekly - this gives your body a chance to adapt but not for long! The programmes will be written round your current fitness levels and the amount of the time you spend at the gym but will also push you and your fitness to the next level, keep you motivated and getting your body to adapt at the same time so you can keep progressing.


I know how scary looking some gym machines can be so if needed i can come and meet you at your gym and guide you through how to use the machines saftley and correctly, to get the most out of your gym sessions/programme. By doing this I will also be able to work out the correct weights for you as unfortunately weight loss and toning is not just about cardio - weights will need to be used for you to reach your goal. 


Feeling comfortable and confident in the gym is a key factor in being able to reach your full potential, by having the knowledge about all the machines including cardio, resistance and free weights you will be able to fly through you work out in no time and be confident that the workout you have done is correct and in the long run giving you the results you wanted.