This is an all body workout that is varied and changes each week to keep the body guessing and gets you motivated to come back each week! 


The class size is small so I will be able to make sure you all get the attention that you need to reach your goals, keep your fitness up or motivate you to push your fitness to the next level.


It will give you a chance to meet new people and exercise at the same time. The classes are a great way to work at your own pace but be encouraged, inspired, motivated at the same time. They are open to all ages and all levels of fitness. Each week the classes are structured differently to keep your workout varied. This keeps them fun and fresh and pushes you to work your body to the max. From Cardio to strength you get an all over body workout. 


Class spaces are limited to five people. This way I can encourage, motivate and correct your techniques if need be, keeping you body safe and working it to it's full potential. Working in groups is a good way to train as you can motivate each other as well as being motivated by me - get in the team spirit. Get together with some friends and have a catch up and laugh at the same time! Exercise can be fun!